Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Over the weekend.

I can't believe CNY is officially over, well a few days back.
I didn't even realize I've missed Chap Goh Mei. 
(there goes my chances of throwing tangerines into the Putrajaya Lake wtf)

And if you're wondering if I'm ever this blur, forgetting dates and stuff, the answer is yes, I am. Since I started staying here in Cyberjaya ( I think I said this before), I've become very uncivilised when it comes to news headlines, date of festivals and stuff like that.
Until now, I'm not very sure where Haiti is located wtf used to think it was in china 
So boohoo I suck in geography, let's move on to more pictures shall we? (:

Went to Pavilion last Friday as it was a public holiday and perhaps, not very jam. (:
Main purpose was to go to Sg Wang though. And since Low Yat is there, why not help daddy get his HTC stuff to right? Being a good daughter, I started my journey in the morning wtf.
The above picture was taken during lunch at Pepper Lunch!


Havent tried everything on the menu, so not bored of it yet. =D

Ready to eat! I ordered double something shoot I forgotten the name, but it taste yummy!
Comes together with egg and vege for you to cook. Sizzling hot and fun!
I'm not very sure whether this originates in Japan anot ( I think it does). Should be lah right?

I just love the lanterns, don't you?
Sorry le but run out of pictures already, coz there's nothing really happening, just shopping and eating heck, lotsa walking under the hot sun *dies.
Almost died at LowYat too wtf. Too many people, too many stores, and havta check one by one for good bargain. Sigh. No pain, no gain. Daddy end up giving me extra money hehehehe.

Oh another exciting thing I wanna share, I've got me clip on hair extensions at Sg. Wang.
Pretty awesome eh?
Will explain further in next post.



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