Sunday, March 14, 2010


I had a bad day yesterday and it was a helluva experience.
All I can saw is that, they just didn't understand us.

How busy we are.

How much effort we did to do this. Working our butts off together the nights before till 12am.

We were trying so hard to put a smile on our faces and not stand up for what we think we did right, just to show that we still respect them and not look like a smartass.

They just didn't know how we feel.

Perhaps, I cannot handle criticism that well.
Perhaps, I find it hard to accept that I did that many mistakes as I'm a perfectionist. *well, most of the time.
Perhaps, its my fault that I'm feeling sad now and that I should improve myself and do better for the future.
Perhaps I should think positive and move on as this is just the first hurdle.

I shall do better. I know I can pull this off. I just know.
I as in WE. (:


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