Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Phei Yee's makeup routine

That's me! wtf.  
Actually this post was suppose to be me, talking bout my mascara woes but I was too engross in writing more, basically my whole make up routine now wtf, hence the change in my post title 5 mins ago.

I'm not a mascara person, honestly. I'm more to a "get my makeup done in 5 minutes kinda person" coz I'm always TOOO lazy to wake up earlier and do my make up. Hey, I wanna look good AND have enough sleep at the same time, is that too much to ask? =D

My daily make-up routine basically involves me apply my ::

(a) Moisturizer

Mine is from body shop cause I'm using the tea tree thing for my zits.
My face gets oily pretty fast, so this helps me 'slow down' the oilyoily stuff or perhaps I should just cut down on oily food. T_____T

(b) BB cream

As my base. Mine is skin99 korea for teens wtf coz that time when my auntie bought for me hmm, last year? i was still a teen. Today, I'm a immature young adult. *proud
BB cream is pretty awesome, there's many brands out there in the market. Just get the right one which is not too oily for your face. Before this, I'm using a base foundation which my host sis got for me during my stay in Japan, its still with me right now. Quite sayang to use it, coz it ain't available here. (I've checked Sasa). However, its alil "heavy" so I only use it for important occasions rather than casual outings.

(c) Powder foundation

I have two with me right now, one from Maybelline and the other from Rimmel. Maybelline powder foundations works well on me as it gives me enough coverage for me small zits. Rimmel on the other hand, is a little "light", after one or 2 hours of shopping, some of my zits would be very much visible dy. T____T
Yes, I have zits. All my other pictures in my FB are lies wtf because I edited them. I think I've out grown the age of having HUGE zits (well occasionally) but I have these little little zits on me face and its super irritating.
So, I need my foundation. =(

(d) Eyeliner  *super important!

I LOVE my eyeliner alot. Before this, I've been having dilemmas on which eyeliner suits me best. I yawn alot which is quite a major issue, coz I don't want my eyes to look like panda wtf or give the impression that I'm crying because my eyeliner smeared. Do you ever get that?

Like when you just finish yawning, then when you turn around, someone looks at you and say, "Deii, you crying arh? Why lar?"


So that's that. My soulmate eyeliner would be from M.A.C. Yes, I know its quite expensive (60 for a small stick) but hey, you get for what you paid for. It's awesome! Mainly because its long lasting and super waterproof. After bath also wouldnt come out wtf. Maybelline's is alil suckish as it smears.

(d) Mascara  *optional

I' still searching for the right mascara for me. So far, I've tried Maybelline's , Silky girls and Majolica's free tester at Watsons wtf.

 The results.@.@
I know it looks like crap. Was in a rush coz the promoter was looking at me one kind liddat, so I did it fast and walked off. *whistles away 
I've tooo many experiences of the make up thing not suitable for me face and all, so yeah this time I figured I should try it out first wtf bad idea.
There are 3 types available, each with different pros and FML i forgot which one I tried. *FAIL.
I think its this though.
One thing good about this is the brush. (:
I use to put on falsies but now dunno why, super lazy dy. =D
Heard there's a new one called dolly wink from Japan which is OMG superfantasticallyawesomepowsome but its frigging 55 bucks for one pair. Go Sasa see. I'm still waiting for sale wtf.

*stab to the heart.

Okays I guess that's it. Its OMG 2.23AM NOW OK BYEBYE me mum is gonna kill me, I just know it. =x


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