Friday, March 26, 2010

Ribbit ribbit!

Posted on my FB status the other day bout the anticipated trip to the Rabbit Farm, and now, I would be bloggin bout it!
When my auntie said she would be going to the rabbit farm and asked whether I would like to tag along, i was like THERE'S A RABBIT FARM in KL?! Nevertheless, I was overjoyed as I really need a break.
Oh and if you're wondering where its located, its at Semenyih.
Okeh don't ask me where Semenyih is I dunno dy.

Woke up on a sunday morning feeling like P.Diddy and off we went!
It was suppose to be a my uncle's company trip or something together with their own families and I feel kinda left out lol coz it feels weird being around rich corporate aunties and uncles, when I'm only my auntie's ... niece. We had a private tour. But still, I enjoyed every moment of it. (:

Let's begin our journey!

Hai auntie! =D
Very into the farming theme, outfit and ponytails. Shoo cute. =DD

My outfit wtf. White shirt and short pants. Nais. Kena bitten by mosquitoes like hell.
Btw, I love the colour of the grass here. Very green. Very mother nature-ish.

Cousins. Rachel is 5 and Gene is 6. I'm 21. wtf.

The uncle who owns the farm is really friendly.
Great sense of humour I should say, distracted me from the annoying mosquitoes.

Rabbits! This is the most close up picture I could take coz I'm too scared to go to near. There are babies in there and I'm afraid this mother rabbit would get angry if I get too close.
Have you seen how baby rabbits look like btw?
I haven't, well, until that day.

They look like little mice! Aww.
And that fluffy thing at the side is the fur, I forgot from the mother or from the babies already. =.=''
I wasn't paying much attention that time as these little darlings are just too cute to ignore!

Why my cousin's hand so fair one? *jealous

These rabbits in cages are actually rared and breed to be sold, mainly for food. Its like a chicken farm, instead, rabbits.

Of course they have pet rabbits too, at the other visitor's area.

Oh and this is the uncle I'm talking about and his assistant.
He's explaining on how the rabbits mate wtf.

And how they do it. WTF
In front of all the kids and they are only around what, 8 years and below.
I'm surprise my cousins didn't ask anything, they are always full with questions.

Then it was free and easy time, so I got a few more shots on my cousins.

 Flawless skin. @.@

Another rabbit picture! He gotz pink eyes. love!

I'm sure it would hurt alot. 
But I usually see people holding rabbits liddat. Why arh.

Then it was lunch time, and the uncle serves us rabbit satay and some other dishes. @.@
Sorry loe, I know you're against this  =(

I can't believe I'm saying this but its kinda nice. 
Infact, its chewy. *sorry again loe.

And the sweet satay sauce.

Well, rabbits are active, so their meat would of course be tougher. Don't make me start on my biology facts now. 

The pictures certainly prove my theory eh? (:

Sheat! 3am now. T_______T
Going genting tomorrow. Would blog bout it next!


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