Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who wants ice cream!

Well, lemme see a show of hands now who loves ice cream? (:

I grew up with ice cream as my friend.
A very good friend.
Thank God daddy works at Nestle so at times he brings back huge boxes of ice cream.Yeah. Not those ice creams in tubs that we can find in the supermarket, but those huge ones where people put to sell ice cream scoops one lol.
Sometimes it took us months to finish it, but its always nice to know that you have ice cream waiting for you at home after school. Not having this privilege anymore in college. Bummer.

However, lately, I was fortunate enough to be "sponsored" and brought to two places which serves awesome ice cream.
Thankyou, Leemelvin!

Who can say no to Haagen-Daaz?  
Like seriously.

Yeah, I've eaten their ice-cream before, even stood at their little counter at jusco grabbing their free samples wtf. But never before did I dine in, chitty chat while constantly being served by waiters refilling your free lemon cold water. 

Procrastinating bluff one while waiting for the ice cream. =/ 
We went to the one at Sunway.
It was sooo hot that day and we were seated outside, coz it was full inside. FULL.
We were then transfer inside but by then, we've eaten half of our ice-cream dy. @.@

Goodness gracious.
Now before you go drooling over this picture, the serving was only so very small, smaller than we've expected. Well basically it looked kinda huge in the menu.

But it was omgsuperfreakingawesome! The contrasting hard cookies goes really well with the soft icecream, and the nuts, OMG THE NUTS just made the whole thing perfect. Topped with chocolate sauce, I give this baby a 4/5 rating. *the cookies are a lil too hard for me. Now, don't go saying I don't have teeth kayyy, I haveeee. Its just that its hard. Hurmphh.

Next stop, Bubba Gump!
This meal wasn't plan, we went there by accident. Well, sort of.
It was night time and Mel actually plan to bring me to HDaaz but it was close and so he brought me here.

I've never eaten here before, coz mainly, I HATE SHRIMPS.
And this place is full of shrimps! *dies
Their shells make my lips itchy for some reason, Idk whether its allergy or something, but me don't like it.

Everything here is shrimp-ish and I ain't very happy with that, Mel used to tipu me that there's shrimp juice too and I believed wtf. Whatever.

Looked at the menu and was relief their desserts are shrimp free! (:

There's brownies with ice-cream and all but I wasn't in the mood for brownies, so we went for this instead! And I didn't regret ordering it.

Once again, I forgot what's it called. T_____T
But the name super cute one.
There's a huge cookie at the bottom, topped with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream, its HUGE! The cookie is warm, fresh from the oven but a lil too hard too.

Ice-cream makes me happy, eventhough I had to rush for my assignments that time. Ouch.
And no its not FB if you happen to notice it on the screen wtf, it "so happens" I was FBing when Mel took this picture.*defensive

These are my ice-cream adventures so far, hope there would be more soon!


Melvin the zombie March 21, 2010 at 10:53 AM  

There's a zombie on your loin..there's a zombie on your loin,we don't want zombie on your loin

Anonymous,  March 21, 2010 at 5:33 PM  

u goin 2 bring me there when i visit rite?? won't u? won't u??

Please, just call me pheiyee. March 22, 2010 at 9:30 AM  

see i got money first alot le. Unless you can belanja hahaha i can bring you there. =p

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