Saturday, April 17, 2010

2 in 1.

Internet connection served me well today, so I'm going to blog a LONG post on what I did the whole day last Saturday. Expect many pictures. (:

First of I've noticed these banners on the road on my way to Hartamas that day to collect the costumes. 
And it caught my attention alright.

The 'so called' 70% sale.

So I wondered to myself, "Wa, Bvlgari wo, sure anot?". 
Mel was pondering on the banner too (when we're stuck in traffic and the banner is right in front of us). 
He says he knows where, and perhaps we should go see. =D

Okay. And that was one week before the sale, I think.

I love the morning sun!

Mel finally gave in a smile.

I don't know whether its a guy thing anot to NOT smile when taking pictures most of the time. They prefer the 'gangster heads tilted up and side ways a lil and pose' kinda smile. My brother does that ALL the time and he thinks its cool. ==''
No bro.
And now, Mel does it too.
He thinks its super model material. *think CK ad.

 That's the one.

Believe it or not we actually got the wrong place, eventhough Mel said he knew where it was. ==''
He said he saw wrongly. Geezzz loeiis.
Anyway, we finally got there to get the shock of our lifes.

The . warehouse. sale . was . so . lame!

Sorry for the harshness, but it really wasn't like the one by Club21. Now that was awesome. 
My armani LBD. Love it till now. :)
No pictures from the inside of the warehouse, wasn't very interested already, I didn't see no calvin klein clothes there also and mostly are roxy and nike. ==''
I was tempted to get an A&F short pants thought coz it was 14 bucks. 
Man, its like shopping at FOS. 

 So proud of myself!

Went out with nothing hehe~
And decided to do mini photoshoot after that wtf.

This picture spells fat! Urgh.

On that night itself, we attended my uncle's birthday bash!
I was told by my aunt that they went for a shopping spree for his birthday gifts and for dinner, we all went for Vietnam food at OU.
Grandma came up to kay el too. (:

Yums that night. (:

There were so many dishes that night, they kept coming and coming till there's no place on our table. @.@
But overall, the food was awesome. Wasn't very much into Vietnam food, but it was nice. 

Introducing the families.

Caitlyn loves me. =D 
Its usually pretty hard for her to stay still and smile for the camera, or, perhaps, I'm a good photographer hehe or at least right timing lah. 

Caitlyn and Mommy!

Uncle KimYong and family. 

The quite informal photo of Auntie SiewHwa's family lol

It wasn't my fault kayy the kids are like chipsmore, once you see them, then the next minute they would be behind you poking your back bone lol so cute.

Yours truly. =X

Here she comes.

Rachel said I look like at tiger that day and she actually ROARed at me hahahaha gave me a shock but it was uber cute.

" Haii! "

Crumbs and raisins all over. I think we knew who's the 'culprit' *grins

A decent family photo with the birthday boy!
But grandma wasn't looking at the camera. T___T

Joy. (:

The cake cutting tradition.

Ngom ngom ngom.

Was glad to join my extended family for uncle's birthday. 
Well, I guess its not too late to say, 

Happy birthday again uncle kok thiam! =)

Thanks mel for the pics. <3


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