Friday, April 2, 2010


Just a few minutes ago, there was a huggge thunderstorm and that practically woke me up. Kinda pissed by it actually but I should be thankful. I accidentally shut my phone alarm which could only mean




if no thunderstorm = Phei Yee no wake up till next morning 

Went to watch Clash of the Titans at pyramid yesterday and indeed it was awesome, if you're into the whole Rome idea. Honestly, I was NOT AT ALL interested, I don't even know what this movee is about. I was simply there to accompany Mel since he accompanied me to watch Princess and the Frog last time wtf.
Well, I shall not spoil the movee for all of you guys, all I would say that its worth it! And guys do look hot in toga. =X

Speaking bout toga, I have this cultural night next tuesday and I'm super nervous!
Firstly, not prepared (props also not ready yet) and secondly, the judges comments that could stab your heart and you could just die there.
Its not that we're lazy to practice or something *its not right, right?

Would be doing Ancient Egyptian culture btw.
Ancient Egyptian WEDDING culture, to be more precise.
Cynthia, Mel and I went for this massive search for the cheapest costume rental shops and we found ours at Hartamas!
This is why I love KL apart from shopping its so easy to find stuff coz there's so many shops having them!
So much variety and thus, satisfies Phei Yee a whole lot. =)

Gah, all that's left is to practice tonnns now. 
Wish me luck.


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