Monday, April 12, 2010

Cultural Night 2010

Like I've said in the previous post, I'm going to blog about the stressful Cultural Night that was held last Tuesday. Everything turned out as planned. Was really glad it went well.
But of course, there were some kelam kabut moments; like when I thought I lost my script, and I panicked like hell.
Later after the whole thing, I found that it was actually in my pocket. =.=''

First photo of the day. (:

Oh and I think I did mention before that my group was to present on Ancient Egyptian Wedding. We were each divided into groups and are to choose a culture to present, and wualah, we choose Egypt!
and hence, the outfit above.

Oh and incase you're wondering, we rented our costumes at Century Fiesta, Hartamas. Found it out from the internet, cause I've never been to Hartamas before. Anyway, Century Fiesta offers wide ranges of costumes and they are pretty affordable too. Its just that I think one of the workers is actually quite cuan~ she's pretty scary actually. @.@

Hellow, Pharoah. =D

Yes, they have pharoah costumes too, which I think are uber cute!
MengJun was our groom for that day.

My group! Three fellas in white are slaves. =DDDD
Melvin was the bride's father HAHAHAHA wearing fatin's jubah coz we cannot afford to rent another costume hahahha. Keciian~
I was in a labcoat coz I supposed to be an archeologist.  Oh and can you spot the 'script' in the pocket? wtf

Our Belly dancer. (:

The bride and groom doing their thangg.

Look at our mini sculptures hahaha i know, so cute right. We had NO IDEA how to make pretty ones in a short amount of time, so we just find some old shoe boxes and painted them. Save money and environment. Don't ask us about the meaning behind the drawings though, we just simply draw. =p

The group before us did Flamenco Dance. I think they did a great job too.I loveee their outfit!

Dance away!

Halloween was next! Awesome props!

And they brought their own spotlight! The spotlight did give a brilliant halloween effect, eventhough part of the carpet was burned. Overall, they did great.


Gaveen and Sanjna (haiii BEST FRIEND! hahaha *inside joke) doing Japanese wedding. 

Miko serving red rice and chinese tea to the judges coz sakae was prohibited. I remember wearing this in Japan! Aww, memories.

Egyptian Palace Bread!

Our group served this. The bread had to be soaked in honey and baked, but we didn't had a oven, just a toaster. So we improvised. 
Toasted the bread.
Put honey on top.
Add whipped cream.

Us again. I have no idea why Yap is in some Japanese outfit coz he suppose to be our slave =D

Ahh, now Yap is in the correct outfit. heh~
Egyptian rocks!

Some Halloween drama outside rofl. Oh and that's stingy Jack. Go look up at the Halloween history if you don't know who stingy Jack is.

Thanks for the jubah fatin! (:
The beads on my head are super heavy. @.@

HAHAHA what a happy ending.


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