Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Korean bbq~

I've been longing for korean bbq for the longest time well mainly because they don't have it in Kuantan, perhaps they have it but not well known, so I don't know wtf.
So I've been telling Mel about it and whether its that nice anot, hinting larh to be precise. *grins
And we then, ended up at the one at SS15 call Dasarang!
Seen alot of them korean bbq at Hartamas too, one whole row, korean food, japanese food, thai food, one day have to bring daddy go, he loves these. =)

Lovely architecture.

Was greeted with a few annyahaseiyos~ at the entrance and then lead to the dining area.
The waiters are mad polite!
I love the atmosphere of the place, very korean, spacious, clean, well air-conditioned (coz some people sweat like mad when they eat bbq aka daddy hee~). There were also a list of hot korean music playing in the background (GEE!)

Genuine Korean Cuisine.

I'm impress that even their culinary are from Korea
My mom use to have this obsession towards culinary, mostly kitchen cooking ware stuff lah, I think she still have this obsession though. =X
So yeah, this brings to the existence of Korean flat metal chopsticks at my home. 

Flipping through.

Sorry for the messy hair, I came out of the house with my hair wet and uncombed coz I woke up late and Mel is already at the doorstep. O.o
Because it was during lunch time, they have this lunch promo, which is quite affordable. Probably because there're taylors and inti there, so make it affordable for college kids as well. I really envy those studying there. *shifty eyes  

Plain water is always the best.

I don't know whether their water is from Korea anot wtf.
If I'm not mistaken, they don't charge for cold water! Err, if got also around 1 buck, but its refillable so you can drink as many as you like. Like Melvin, he's practically a water tank, so its worth it for him. (:

Side dishes.

Oh and I think I forgot to mentioned that every meal is included 7 free side dishes! I don't know their names but there are awesome! There were so many that we cannot even finish them. Wasted. =(


They have kimchi !!! Ah, my life is complete now. Its been a loooong time since I ate kimchi. 
Mummy use to have this korean friend that teaches her how to make kimchi, but that was long time ago, when I was in primary school.

Now for the main course.

Mad delicious!

Hot plate glass nooodles served with slices of chicken, vege and awesome gravy. 
There's a korean name to it but obviously I forgot.
Its huge right, and they wrote at the menu there (Small) =.=''
Didn't knew Koreans eat alot.Decided not too have BBQ coz it seemed inappropriate for lunch lol, more of a dinner thing to me i guess.

 The first few bites. (:

Not fully awake wtf.

From a bird's eye view.

All these for, RM35? 
No service charge (probably included already) or tax.
Plus affordable, well since I'm sharing. Even when Mel insist on paying. Hurmph.
Overall, I really enjoyed it, the atmosphere the food, everything was nice.

 Thanks boo! (:

Dasarang is located at the same row with McDonalds at SS15.
Highly recommended for all you food lovers out there (:


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