Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Magnificient.

The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar is indeed, magnificent.

Located at Changkat Bukit Bintang, it is rather hard to not spot this shop along the streets. Mel told me that the fish & chips are awesome, hence the name. So yea, we went for the fish and chips then, for dinner.

Never in my life that I knew there were soo many types of fishes available for you to pick.
The available choices are Butterfish, Barramundi, Parrotfish, Coral Trout, Salmon, Silver Cod, and Grouper.

Chio or what. 

Mel made the orders so I'm not very sure which one he chose.
There's no specific printed out menu what so ever, however you can ask the people working there for recommendations or refer to the blackboard where all the food options and prices are stated.

 While waiting for the chips.


Since I don't drink alcohol, I went for the classic, cold water. (:
Healthier and FOC.

Its a bar after all.

Heineken, Tiger, Carlsberg, Guiness and a whole lot more.
The place is a little too small for me. Its not that I'm a space freak or something but its a little too packed. There were two floors but we were only allowed to sit downstairs as the upper stairs was reserved. :(

Awesome much?

It's spankin' delicious! The fish was fresh, and the sauce that came together with it, is one of a kind. Let's just say it went very well with the fish. Served with chips, I was quite sceptical when it came with some newspaper at the bottom. Not dirty meh
But later I found out it is too not make the fish and chips soggy and help absorb the oil.

Munch munch

The dinner was full filling. 
It was indeed 'magnificent'!
2 thumbs up. (:


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