Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fresh Look dailies!

Contact lenses has always been a big part of my life!
I would practically die without them uff I'm serious.
Got my very first contacts when I was 14.
You see, I've started wearing specs since I was Standard 2.
I think its due to the 'Peter and Jane' series that I kept reading when I was young. Yes, I was a nerd. *shy 

Oh btw, I use to be a hugggee fan of Peter and Jane books, mom said I always ran and read 'em to daddy after he came back to work everyday. (:
Now I usually just talk to dad bout movies, gadgets, food, and money wtf.

Ok, back to the lens. I started out with Biomedics.
Then lately switched to Baush and Lomb  because of Lee Hom.

I came upon to an ad on FreshLook Illuminate Dailies a few weeks ago and that they are giving free samples, I was totally into it.
There's practically nothing much you would need to do to get this 3-day trial promo. Just have to fill in a form online bout your details and stuff and wualah! Your lenses are on their way!
Something confusing though, they didn't send me an email or any notification that my lenses are being send, so I thought I filled in the form wrongly and so I filled another wtf and they told me the email add had been used. =.=''

So in other words, I wasn't expecting them. Until a fine, as in denda letter from pos Malaysia informing that someone send me a letter but didn't put enought stamps.
When I found out it was the contacts, I was like

"Huh? How can a big company make such a mistake?" 

But still, I'm getting free samples, I should not complain. The fine was just 50cent anyway.

Sorry for the poor quality picha. No dslr. ):

I usually think that when they are giving out free samples they would give those 0 power one only, but nope, they asked for my power! Coolio.
And the contacts function to make your pupil look bigger the ones they gave me is in brown.
Best is, its dailies which is definitely more hygienic for our eyes.

Not sure whether they work as pretty as my barbie lens, the design is way simpler than the one's of barbie, so yea. Would post the pichas soon!

Can't wait to try them on. I'm actually quite sayang to use it wtf.


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