Monday, May 24, 2010

Gimme those sushi *part 2

As promised, the Sushi K post. (:

The camwhorer.

Its been awhile since I ate sushi as a matter of fact, Japanese food for that matter.
And yesterday wasn't a very good experience AT ALL.
The staffs were kinda rude, and so not friendly!
They kept ignoring me or pretend not to hear me call when I wanted to make orders or even a simple refill of green tea would take ages.
Perhaps they see me as a 'little girl' and can just simply ignore me waving my hand like a mad girl. Boo!
Paying the bill also took for.e.ver as we had to wait for the service crew to count how many plates are there.
I understand there were many customers yesterday but that should not be an excuse right?
Hurmph. *continue grumblin'

I shall still enjoy my udon! (:

My very handsome mansome brother paying me company.
He fell in love with this england jersey the moment he received it in a pos ekpress envelope from mr. postman.
A gift from Melvin korkor. =p

Overall, we ate erm quite alot (blame it on brother!)
Walk around  a lil to get some of my stuff and went home after as bro said he felt abit sick.
 And that was how we end our last day of freedom.

I still think Sushi Zanmai is the best!


Foteinyx May 26, 2010 at 3:43 AM  

my friends studying in kuantan also had quite a few problems with the sushi king staff there, saying they were plain rude and very unhelpful...

i'm guessing the whole management/staff is generally known to be like that =/ shouldn't be happening, make an official complaint to the higher-ups! x(

curioussss!!!! May 29, 2010 at 4:17 PM  

m frm India...
I have actually come across this dish "SUSHI" many a times....and I usually wonder what it actually is..would you please care enough 2 let me know what is it ??

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