Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gimme those sushi !

Parents are coming back tomorrow! *yeppie yeaps
So since today is the last day of freedom, my brother and I decided to indulge ourselves to sushi.
Sadly, the only sushi shop in Kuantan that's ok-ok is Sushi King. *fantasizes Sushi Zanmai
Oh boy, I think I'm starting to miss KL already.

Outfit of the night!

I had to crop off my head as I did some silly facial expression wtf.
I should apologize for the poor picture quality (again)

Oh crap!
Its freaking 2.51am now ( no idea why I didn't realize this earlier) and I'm still watching Monk while blogging urgh.
Sorry dearies but the sushi K post is postponed till tomorrowww.

Goodnite peeps!


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