Thursday, May 6, 2010

Those photoshoots.

I'm sure you guys are pretty much aware of my current obsession towards photoshoots based on the countless numbers of photos uploaded in my fb account *shyy 
But yes, I do enjoy photoshoots, they not only help kill my free time in Cyberjaya but at the same time it's amusing and I love to hear the feedbacks from my friends on how the photoshoot went. (:

As much as I hate the wide roads and extreme weather at Cyberjaya, the views and architecture are astonishing, especially the numerous brides in Putrajaya. As so, my first photoshoot was done there follow by the a couple at Alamanda, then lately, the one at Heritage, The Old Train Station.

On the road. 

To be honest, I never knew this place existed O.o
The Old Train Station is very premedial Victorian-ish, a great place for photoshoots!
Just that day itself, there were two wedding photoshoots done there. Fuf.

Was greeted by pictures of models and their photoshoots framed up on the wall. 
Well, that gave me pressure. >.<

Arriving late than planned and knowing that the roof would be closed soon, we went up to the roof and started shootin!

I fell in love with the panorama!

Had no idea why they was a bathtub there. 
But it was a useful prop. (:

Being random.

Thought of wearing something Victorian-ish to suit the theme but err, this dress was the best in my wardrobe. 


Little did I know that I can pose like a dog catching a Frisbee wtf.

Hair gotten messy. =x

After an hour being out in the sun and the photographer being sweaty and wet (ahem..), we took indoor pictures then!

My personal favourite

There's this creepy corridor in the hotel (oh did I mention the building was turned into a hotel too, me = jakun)
which I really adore. Probably because the photos taken there were the nicest wtf.

This building is ancient!
The dusty windows, stained red carpets on the stairs, old scary lift, random newspaper cuttings bout Malaysian buildings being hung up on the walls. All these little little details are indeed priceless!

 Stop and Stare

Again, I had so much fun! 

The rest of the photos were uploaded in my FB.
Feel free to check them out anytime, would love to hear your feedbacks.


Melvin,  May 6, 2010 at 1:19 PM  

The photos have bad composition,under exposed and overall they suck..I don't blame the model..the photographer really sucks..the model is really pretty and awesomely hot and she gave him nice poses but the photographer does not know how to make use of this opportunity..U shuld fire him

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