Sunday, May 9, 2010

You call it a mess? I call it art!

We're going to the fun fair, 
We're going to the fun fair!

A kid at heart.

Noticed they had this Euro Fun Fair when I was traveling in the bus on my way back to Kuantan last week.
Since Melvin boo came down this weekend, another photoshoot!
I went there for the lights, not the rides wtf.
Their rides quite scary one okayy, plus my parents don't believe in these funfairs that travels around coz there might be a possibility that the screws got loose? So not safe.
OMG, scary rightt.
I had been brainwashed and swore never too sit on these rides.

Oh and there was an entrance fee. =.=''
RM3 for adults, RM2 for children.
Rides are NOT free.


Ahaks. I forgot what technique is this, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.
I think it works in this shot.
Err, Right? 


It was really hot! Hot as in the weather. Ahem.
Idk why but I think the whether in Kuantan is quite similar to Cyberjaya, although I always thought Cyber was way too hot.

I love this one! Looks like fireworks in the background hehe.
But the trick was for me to stay really still.
And it was.. hard. =X



And get ready for this, my all time favourite picha.


Fuh, looks like some light tornado in the background with me, a ghost model wtf.
Awesome much?
I call it art. (:


.. and counting

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