Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey soul sista!

webcam freak

Its been exactly a week since I've updated by blog.
Remembered it oh so clearly coz its my off day today again heh~
Nothing much happened the past few days, except the fact that I'm now quite expert when it comes to choosing jeans for my customers wtf.
Heck, I even got myself a new pairs of jeans that makes my butt look vavavoom rofl.

I never liked jeans le (before this), coz it doesnt flaunt my err, curves.
Perhaps I never seem to find the right jeans for me, and never did I consider levis coz its shoo expensive.
But since now got staff price (the thumbs up factor wtf), I got myself one! and finally, a nice one. (:

Enuff bout jeans, I've got my offer letter to med school this week too !!!
Gosh, this took forever but I'm pretty satisfied with my results.

Also heard that there's crepe in Pavilion already!
OMG crepeeees~
Can substitute my snowflakes already.

I are wanting crepes!
I are wanting it since for.e.ver!

(Harajuku, you're my next target)
Makes me miss kl more! Urgh!
Am waiting.
Am waiting.
melvin lee pretty pleasee. (:

.. and counting

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