Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beautiful Monster.

I haveee to ( like really have to) blog bout this new shop I've discovered a month back.
Didnt knew about it in the first place, but was introduced to it by LoeLoe and I absolutely love it.
It had been my 'snowflakes' replacement while I am still here, in Kuantan.

Tea time's Pearl Milk Tea!

I've never liked Milk Tea this much, especially the pearls (jelly), I used to think that they are seeds wtf I dunno why.
But this one is different. The pearl jellies are so chewwy!

And they are generous enuff to give so many. (:
A cup of this goes for RM4.50.
Not bad huh.

Since melvin is back (yes he arrived this afternoon!) ceased the opportunity for a mini photoshoot.

 At a creepy back alley.

Black and white

Stopped working yesterday. 
Holiday continues today. 
Money mali mali the day after.
Life is great. 


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