Friday, July 9, 2010

Waka Waka.

Good day peeps!
Life is going great so far (getting my paycheck is one of the main reasons why I guess hee~)

And oh, this is how I look like in the morning getting ready for work.
I'm so vain sigh how la like that.
Working in ECMall does really gives me a few privileges.
20% off starbucks which only means, more signature hot chocolate for me especially when I have my monthly cramps. So smoothing.

5% off sasa erm, not really useful coz they don't have mac. Oh btw, mac eyeliner is fringgin awesome! Everygirl should have this with them.

Staff Price for Levis. Oo, I like this. Nuff said.

The rest?
I'm yet to discover. (:

Moving on the world cup ( this is so random wtf)
I'm not really hype about it really. But what really fascinates me is that GERMAN OCTOPUS
And he has such a cute name, Paul.

Hai, I iz Paul. =D

This big mollusk here had so far predicted correctly the scores for Fifa matches so far which is omg so clever yet freaky. O.o
This octopus fella is sooo famous its on my facebook wall alllll the time.
Its on youtube too. Click here!

Oh wait. I just discovered that the picture I posted above is a fake wtf like that also what photoshop.

Nah. Just to clarify stuff.


But Spain won anyway.


.. and counting

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