Friday, July 30, 2010

Let's have flawless skin together! wtf.

And no, this is not what I call by flawless skin.
I just thought that my hair looked nice in this picture for some reason wtf.

Good day my fellow readers.
Just thought of sharing some freebies with you guys.
Okay, there's basically a clinique campaign/giveaway thingy on facebook if you hadn't notice, and they are giving out samples of skin care programme thingy which I think its awesome.
Just googled :: Its called 3 Step Skin Care System
(thanks auntie margie for sharing this)

And if you have skin problems like me (refer to the big pimple below my nose wtf),
Clinique works fine (although I'm under bodyshop's tea tree regime).
So yeah back to the promo thingy.
Its under a fb application, heck, lemme just give you the link  >>>

Ok so once you're there, just follow the instructions blabla fill in a form blabla and boom, an sms would be send to you regarding the freebies. Next, go to the nearest clinique counter and claim your freebies!

And it looks like this!
Of course there's the normal procedure, the counter girl asking for what type of skin are you having and that whether it is oily/dry. Well, of course mine is oily so she gave me this. (:


And may I say clinique is really awesome when it comes to giving samples. I mean, usually, samples would be in plastic wrappers and stuff, some damn kiam siap one they just give a two day trial or something.

But this is totally worth it and what more its FREE!  :O

Yeah so if you're up to it, then go for it. (:
(closing date is tomorrow, so be quick!)

Have a great day ahead guys.


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