Thursday, July 1, 2010

New haircut.

I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and discovered that my (then current) hair is s0o plain jane.
My hair practically looked so dull and lifeless. O.o
So yeap, I guess it is time to get a haircut.

Decided to try a new saloon in the mall coz I don't really have permanent hairstylist.
So far, so good. (:

 During lunch!

After my haircut!
Was to shy to take pictures in the saloon wtf.
I love haircuts and makeovers! 
(I guess its a girl thing)

From the back

It actually looks nicer real life!
The lighting not nice ny. *defensive
Anyway, love the way she styled my hair. 
Told her I want my hair to be thinner and soft curls while maintaining the length (yes, I am that fussy) and I think she did just fine. 
I shall learn to do this by myself. (the blow dry curl part)
*note to self, TRY.


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