Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pappa Papparazi.

Good day mates.
Today is a great thursday coz its a freaking public holiday wuff!
Just the break I need eventhough its only one day.
Weekends are meant for studies nowadays. =(

Moving on, did an interesting photoshoot for Melv's friend Eeteng's soon to open blogshop.
(now that's a mouthful)
Ah. Memories. (:
She has really nice clothes. The very best of luck to her sales!
Melv got his very canggih manggih camera lens rollin.
He gotten himself a new lens AGAIN wtf (can say bye bye to 1000bucks) but I'm not complaining much coz the pictures actually turned out great.

Cute dress!
Love the flirtatious zip in front.

And suprisingly it kinda fits me. (:
It looks big at first and I was having doubts on whether I could pull it off but yeah.

Floral theme.

A deep V satin dress.
Very comfy and details are simply awesome.

High waist flora skirt. I'm sooo addicted to 'high waist' clothes right now. Pants, skirt, slacks.
They are just to cute. I wonder if my mom used to wear these too during her time lol.
Cannot imagine.
DON'T want to imagine. =p

There's more but lazy to upload coz the line iz very slow now. =(
Will be back again with more updates.
Till then, have a great day ahead, get your camera out and snap away!
*urgh so randomm


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