Sunday, August 22, 2010

The search is on . . .

 .. for a new foundation make-up!
My old one lasted me for a year and may it rest in peace now.

Been surveying and finally decided on one :: Bobbi Brown foundation stick!
(credits to Greenies for the recommendation, it really is awesome!)

But before that I couldn't find Bobbi Brown in KLCC (thinking that there isn't one actually) so I dropped by at shu eumura to try out their products.

Applying the base

My beauty consultant was really pretty and she really took the time to explain to me everything I need to know bout my skin and stuff.

Hearing her out.

And I think she was done with my face that time! It was really nice and I was so tempted to get right away that time. But she kinda used base and foundation, so I have to purchase both for flawless skin? =(
Too expensive! Splurge 300plus on makeup? Not ready yet wtf.
I rather go for one concealer or one very good foundation that can have good coverage. Besides I already have a base at home. 
So, I thanked her for her really good consultation and head off to search for me Bobbi Brown.
(This was in KLCC btw, she works in the Shueumura in Parkson, can go find her for consultation!)

Continue walking walking walking till we randomly walked into Isetan and Melv found me Bobbi Brown!
And there's where I got my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick.

Flawless enuff? Teehee~ 

'No photoshop! I'm impressed.
She gave me free samples as well. Are all the make up consultant in KLCC friendlier or what wtf.

Another take. (:

Burger King for dinner at 10pm. Glorioussss foood.

I are happy.

'And have a mini photoshoot outside.
My face looks like a vampire here thanks to Melv's power flash wtf.

Outfit for the day. Floral jumpsuit!
I bought it at a great price at Sungai Wang! Guess how much. =p

Oh and I went for a kindergarten event earlier this morning. 
Will update about it soon!


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