Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh mai Goit.

Remember my countless post/facebook status/twits on my obsessions on ZE CREPES?
Guess what I finally got to eat em! Ngom ngom ngom.

 I see rainbow.

Heard that their first shop is at Ikano Power Centre. I went to the one at Pavilion.
They have so many varieties for me to drool over at, and at last I choose banana hell yeah why wouldn't I choose banana. Its after all ... in my blood. *hikhik 
There's a TV there showing videos on Harajuku with Japanese girls ngom-ing on their crepes.
I think the shop owner took those videos him/herself.

Crepes makes my life complete, literally.

Mixed with chocolate drips and almond flakes. 
Too bad they don't have cheesecakes as their ingredients.
They only serve normal butter sponge cakes.
Anyhow, the banana one rocks as well. (:

This is what you get try to disturb Phei Yee when she's savoring her crepes wtf.

100% Recommended!


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