Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picture Perfect.

Finally got the time to blog AGAIN fuh.
It had been 'awhile'. Busy week.
As promised, pictures from last saturday's outing!

"Do a best phren shot! " Melv said.
So, we came up with something random.
And this was it. lol

The picture before. We had to retake coz my hand was too low and its not covering my lips buahaha.
Melissa looks cute here! Aww. (:

One of our photographers. =p
I have no idea why people tend to do silly unintended faces when taking pictures, like this one.
Focus much? =x
(okeh perhaps not everybody maybe MelvinLee only *shifty eyes)

A normal smiling shot!
So nais, our faces are glowing somehow (mine abit over glowing, seems like my face turned super oily wtf)
thanks to Keane's reflector. It was rather fun actually, the whole photoshoot thingy. Melissa and I would take turns holding the reflector thingy and we look like some pro team with Keane and his huge ass camera and 6K lens hekhek.

The main focus that day was JKeat, coz he wanna take picture in the pool and by the pool.

Fuyohh! Exercise first haha.

And I love this picture of him! =D
Abit men's health-ish.
Sowee I don't have his pool pictures, too sexay dy, must pay money only can see wtf.
Actually the pictures are with Melv you can just ask him =.='''
Oh and I think its his blog too. double  =.='''

The photoshoot then went sidetrack abit.

Suddenly got photos of me wtf.
Thanks Keane for the necktie!
I was trying to do this Serena Van der Woodsen school look, but obviously PHAIL.

Well that was my weekend.
How was yours?


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