Sunday, October 3, 2010

DIY oh MY.

There was once a girl.
Who dyes her hair frequently *god.bless.her
Its not like she wants too, but there's this gene in her or some environmental factors that causes her to have white root, quite often.
But she ain't complaining, she likes experimenting with colours *good.for.her

So one day, she found that she cannot stand her white roots anymore, she tried this hair dye and do it like the Japanese do. DIY since her mommy aint here to do it for her.
Kao's DIY LIESE hair dye.
Another reason would be that everyone has been talking bout this, so she want to try too huak huak.

Btw, how to pronounce the word LIESE?

She bought 'dark chocolate' coz her uni don't allow her to get any lighter colour. :'(
If she had an option, she would get something lighter but, oh well.


Why are Japanese girls so hot. *zealous
And how come their hair so niceee.

What's in the box.

She kinda panicked when she can't find the gloves.
And she don't know what the heck is this coz its all written in Zapanese.

So she decided to camwhore some vain cute pose on how she don't understand Zapanese wtf.

Gloves found. They are in the Zapenese writing plastic wrapper after all. *bangs head to the wall

Chemistry! *shifty eyes
Add mixture 1 to mixture 2. Secure the lid tightly.
DO NOT SHAKE otherwise the foam would be formed.
And we don't want that yet.

Instead, direct the bottle up and down slowly. (180 degrees rotation)

This is what you should get after mixing the solution. Minimal foam.

Change to the 'foam pressing' cap. Again, make sure its secure. (There's a click sound)

Prepare the towel before hand. The last thing you want are stains on your shirt.

Apply the foam onto your hair, starting from the roots till the tip.
Start from front to back.
Remember to part your hair into sections, especially if you have thick hair.
What you're aiming for is full coverage. No worries, the foam is sufficient.

Next, wait for 30 minutes then you can wash the colour off.

She shall review later. (:


Anonymous,  October 5, 2010 at 8:53 PM  

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