Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm 105kg wtf.

I almost gotten myocardial infarction, reads heart attack, yesterday thanks to my weekly assessments.
But thank GOD I made it through. GOD is indeed good. (:

Had a printer breakdown problem for the past week and heck it was frustrating, true feelings coming from a person who needs to print at least 10 pages of notes a day.Sigh.
So lost without it and super shy to keep asking housemates to help me print while I provide them paper.
I bet you know that feeling right? 

Chocolate cream chip saves the day. (:
While waiting for mr. printer to get fixed, we hang at pavilion, AGAIN.
Its like the mother of all shopping malls in my list and we're posh like that wtf.

Fat already crap, just look at those fat cheeks.
The other day at the hotel, my bro and I were playing with the weighing machine to compare who iz heavier.
Well, I lost wtf.

Funny thing is that, I was the first to went on that machine and suddenly it reads 105kg.

My brother was laughing away, and he was like, "uhh, maybe its in pounds or something laa jie."

So yes, I gave him the stare and I was like, "You come and try laa, smarty pants."

And his was 125kg HAHAHAHHAHA in his face!

I didnt know we're the fattest siblings in kuantan wtf.
Come to think of it we should join The Biggest Loser Asia or something. O.o

Went to parents' room and tried their weighing machine.
Thank God we are healthy, normal teenage kids wtf.
But I still lost cis!
If you don't know, my brother is super skinny one okeh, dunno how he manage to beat me, perhaps its his bones that are heavy laa. *denial
And I thought I fat already coz my levis are getting tighter. *uhh

Okay noww. How did 'hangtime in starbucks' story turned to a 'weight competition with my brother' story arh wtf.
I think its a girl thing la, we can talk from manicure to why the clothes in sg wang so damn cheap one. keke.

My loyal companion at my favourite hangout place.
Me likey. (:

Weekend ending soon, back to reality for me.


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