Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sinfully delicious.

Lately, I 'shopped' at Delectable with great joy.

See that little white paper bag there?

Zooming in! =D
I was blog walking one day when I stumble upon Su's (the cake designer) blog.
She's awesome and brilliantly creatively I should say.
Her cakes are sooo naiz and adorable and they don't even look like cakes at all.
Too pretty that people feel 'sayang' to eat em, just wanna keep them for displaaaay ny. *points at self.
I want a designer bag cake myself! *pouts.

Click here for Delectable's blog.
Click here for Su's personal blog.

Anyway, I was having a hard time choosing what to get, everything looks so yummy.
There's the ginger bread man cookie, huge twitter bird cookie, adorable cupcakes, you name 'em!
Located at Pavilion.

Finally picked this due to Melvin's love for chocolates.
Even their packaging so naiz.

7 layers of sinfully rich chocolate. Yum.

Chocolate chips on top. Whipped cream, dark chocolate. Semua pun ada.
Can't remember the price though but guarantee below 20bucks.

One bite at a time.
Savoring every second of it lol.
Very much worth of our money.

Go get yourself one! (:


Anonymous,  October 28, 2010 at 8:59 PM  

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