Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jay Chou The Era 2011 World Tour >> One Step Closer!

Hoping for a private jet to land with Jay Chou innit for a suprise appearance wtf.
Yes Yes call me crazy or whatever it is, as I'm one of those who woke up 7am in the morning and travel all the way to KL Sogo from Cyberjaya with my cokie monstaa for discount tickets.


There's a looong que already I was practically finding where to que ends and start que-ing up myself.
I reached at 8am mind you, and they only start selling the tickets at 11am.

The people in front of me.
When will I ever reach the ticket counter. T____T
You'll have to drag me by the time I reach there.

But I dunno why I was still smiling and can pose for the camera to show how many people in front of me somemore hoho~
Things girls would do for JAY. *tisk tisk

So yeah, Plenty of time to camwhore! haha
Oh and I finally found my flower earrings and they are sooo cheap! 
Only RM1 per pair!
Bought another glitter one. Dunno why I have soft spots for flower earrings lol. 
Sorry enough of girl talk, back to the topic!

They divided the sitting plan tickets to different counters and of course the line was shorter for the rockzone/VVIP.
It wasn't of much help though, the LINE WASNT MOVE AT ALL and it seems like it would take eternity to get the tickets.

One person is limited to 4 tickets only (with discounts I think) and the first 1500 tickets purchased are entitled for 10% off.

Highhh chance of me not getting if everyone in front of me are like purchasing 4 tickets each. *sigh
Nevermind that, my worst fear is yet to come.
Around 10-20 minutes or so, they announced that  PS3 zone (the cheapest one) tickets are all sold out.
For both days. T______T

Damn depressing since I've waited so long, and the tickets just pufff SOLD OUT liddat.
Didn't know quite many people cheapskate like me.

So I upgraded to the PS2 zone in split second which cost RM100 more wtf.
(with permission from mommy of course, coz im still her little girl lol)
BUT thankfully my friend melissa college friend, has the citibank credit card, and we get to purchase our ticket at the express lane which is waaaay front!
After waiting for 4 hours, YES we are finally getting our tickets!
AND WE STILL GET THAT 10% discount! 
*the dude behind us must be hating me like hell coz i was practically screaming bout getting a the express spot infront wtf, im sowie dude. 

The happiest (one of it) moment in my life.
Oh that's melissa btw. She has 6 tickets with her. @.@
Swiped around 2K in total!

Ah, I can sleep well tonight. Hee~
This concert better be the best of the best coz I've sacrificed alot for this!
xoxo Jaychou!

Photos courtesy of cokie monstaa!

2 comments: January 17, 2011 at 11:43 AM  

i damn love jay chou too.
too bad i hav nt enough money too buy,
plus i ord not around in malaysia.
hope u enjoy it, n share with me ,k

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