Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nice nose you have there, Lord Voldemort.

Has anyone notice his nose?

Hideous much? Urgh.
And don't remind me bout his fingernails, he's in a serious need of mannie paddie.

He obviously looked better when he was young. Remember Tom hottie Riddle?
Anyhowwww, I'm still a HarryPotter fan; both the books and movee.
Had been one since Chamber of Secrets when then, I had a huge crush on Daniel Radcliffe minus the HarryPotter geeky glasses. 

So it wouldn't be 'too over the top' if I decided to catch the latest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows movee on the opening day itself right? (:

Lunch on the go coz we left late.
I have no idea why I eat like that.

When we got there, the Q was long (as expected) and it feels good to 'slide' through the crowd and get my tickets at the redemption counter. I had no choice but to get my tickets online by GSC maybank2u thingy coz all the tickets are fully booked already! And its only 3 days away from the screening! 

With all the rushin' commotion , we were actually an hour early. @.@
Can't help it. Too excited.

Okay, here comes the part where I'm suppose to tell you guys what I think about the movee, but since I'm such a good girl and don't wanna spoil the movee for you guys, I'll keep my lips sealed for now. =X

Moving on, had dinner at one of my favourite bistros.

Penne Carbonara which is mad awesome!
But the serving is a lil small, eat not full. =X

Dessert, where art thou?

Alexis has the best meringue cake E>V>E>R
This one's chocolate nutty meringue.

Cokie monstaa gettin the bill. Ngaaaum.

Had a great day today, and I'm so proud of myself for not getting anything = window shopping!
I kept telling myself, save for jaychou's concert save for jaychou's concert and it worked wtf.
Its good anyway, self motivation and the drive to want something by sacrificing the 'other' thing.
You're on the right track Phei Yee! ;)


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