Monday, November 1, 2010

Over the weekend.

I'm easily at 3 states this weekend, KL, Malacca and now home sweet home, Kuantan.(:
Oh yea, and its all about food these few days.
Lemme highlight a few.

Friday 291010  -- Bar. B.Q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid.

We had some economy set thingy coz everything on the menu looked so big but this iz good enuff!

Mr. Chef. Krispy Kreme for his dessert. =p
Their halloween doughnuts are too cute to resist! But too bad, it was late and so, sold out already. T..T

Hmm. Not very healthy I guess keke.
The prices are reasonable, the only thing missing is soup. There's no soup. :(
And apart from their 'special' sauce, everything else is pretty common.
Rating 8/10 for fun of BBQing.
Rating 6/10 for food.

Saturday 301010 (breakfast) -- Fun Kee Bamboo Noodles

Dad found out bout this place in the newspaper/Ho Chak! or something, so yeah food hunt from cyberjaya all the way to Sg. Besi!

At first I was wondering, what in the world are bamboo noodles.
Turns out that they are like ordinary wan tan mee but they use those bamboo method thingy, idk how to explain, to make em noodles.

Like this!
Picture credit to

They have a few varieties, but I sticked to the classic wan tan mee.
Never fail. (:

Saturday 301010 (supper) -- Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup

Let's leave the hygiene part behind (ahem) this is like the awesomest food ever kayy!
I missed this so much that I swore that whenever I got the chance to go back Malacca, I would drag my auntie and uncle to bring me there. (:

My life is complete.
(All photos taken by ma BB, not bad huh?)


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