Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hold on lil girl.

Soooo sorry for the lack of updates peeps.
My internet connection is bloody slow this whole week and I can't seem to do my online-related-stuff efficiently.
That's one of the reasons why I love my blackberry so much coz I depend on it 24/7!
So yeah, it would be kinda impossible to upload pichas now. Sigh.

Time flies so fast, its December already! and Christmas is just around the corner.
I love Christmas, easily one of my favourite celebrations of the year. Second comes chinese new year keke.
Its all about family gathering, chillin' with cousins, food food food and leavin' those thick medical books aside.

Ok I'm going to get emo coz I feel like shit nao wtf please bear with me, finals are next week. =X 

I feel like giving up (the day before yesterday) thinking why am I putting myself under so much pressure taking medicine as a course, where there's assessment (exams) every Friday and the only time to rest is during weekends. And when I put in so much effort and it doesn't really pay off in the results, I would feel real bad, thinking, what's wrong with me? Or maybe I'm not fit for this?

You might see me as a happy go lucky girl, and oh she's so enjoying her life in KL. But its not all that. You should see how I suffer during the beginning of the week till friday.

I shop when I'm stress.
I eat expensive food (actually not really expensive) whenever I'm out to satisfy the shitty food they have in Cyber.
I scream during cheong K sessions coz nobody can hear me except cokie monstaa and he knows how it feels like so he screams along wtf. 

But thank God I have support from my parents, and friends around me. Housemates are being nice too, cheering me up when I'm stress. Nobody said this was easy. But I'm going to take a day at a time. Like I said before, time flies and I'm in my 5th month already. So far all is well and I hope these continues.

I shouldn't be complaining! Argh! But after expressing all these emotions, I feel so much better now. :)
Thank you readers for patiently reading (if you are) and you know I love you guys.
Oh and I had an early christmas pressie and I love it so much cokie monstaa thankchuu!

Family coming over KL (finally! and for good) and I know I'll have another great weekend. 

xo Have a great Sunday guys!


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