Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Wow. It's already 2nd January 2O11 and here I am, only about to update my blog.
Had been busy with the holidays, the exams, and nao chillin at home. :)
A great new year celebrate I had with my friends and family, a different one indeed from the previous years.
Some years, I just slept off coz don't feel like waiting till 12a.m. I'm *used* to be so not happening.

And so, this year, I told myself I had to go somewhere/ do something happening!

As happening as it is, I went the to e@Curve and its sooo freaking 'happening' with people spraying fake snow everywhere and I got excited and wuuhuu! like nobody business then fell sick the following morning fml. 
The fireworks are really pretty but the smoke then after, damn! Unbearable. Hence, me falling sick alright. :(

Guess I should slowww dowwn my 'happenin'-ness' wtf

Anywaayy, 2O1O had been a good year.
No doubt, there were ups and downs, but all is manageable and yes, I did had a great time.

Top 1O happy sad memories that I could think of right nao (not in any specific order though lol) :

1. I gotz me white berry. My best buy ever (just hate the fact that it doesn't come with a good GPS)
2. Oh and my longchamp lol coz I bought with me own money.
3. Started and business has been blooming. :) Check out for more promo! 
4. Lined up so fereaking long to get Jay Chou tickets and it was worth it coz I'm going! =D
5. Got a coach bag! (I almost forgot lol thanks boo!)
6. Enter medic. Love the hospital visits, hate the exams. :(
7. Bought hair extensions HAHAHA I love loong hair but it takes forever to grow.
8. Did soo many photoshoots my albums are taking most of the spaces in my lappie I think wtf.
9. Falling sick on 2O11 new year's eve. *sniff sniff
10. MOVED to KL! I'm so sick of staying at cyber. Hello to home-cooked meal during weekends! :)

Happy New Year from cokie monstaa and me!


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