Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As hard as rock!

Pre-Written Post

Well, it should be as hard as diamonds as diamonds is the hardest element in the world right. Okay I'll just go straight to the point : I went to Hard Rock the other day for dinner. (there, no crappy) :D

It was CokieMonstaa's bday dinaa and he 'hinted' that he wanted to go there for dinner SOMEDAY, so I guess that SOMEDAY would be yesterday.

Of course the pro pro shots were taken by him and we might have the same pictures. =D

Chicken Tenders with BBQ sauce.
Abit overcooked but I kinda like it coz so crispy. :D

Omg the mashed potato is to die for.
Not forgetting the veges. I seldom seldom seldom eat veges but these hohh! nice!

Sorry bout the 'keluar' sign haiz phail.
The birthday boy refuse to be given the birthday treatment. (why not, got free cake what!)
"Shy la" he said. Pftt. There goes the free slide of cake and being the center of attention lol.
Anyhow, its quite a nice place to chillax. :)

Okay now, everybody say 'Happy Birthday to MELVIN LEE!'


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